ProYellow on the Doctor's Show

The First Pro Yellow Laser Treatment Table Top Laser for Vessels, Skin Toning, and Pigmentations
The QuadroStarPROYELLOW Pro Yellow Laser Treatment is the latest technology for the treatment of superficial vessels, pigmented lesions, and other popular aesthetic indications. Pro Yellow Laser Treatment

With over 10,000 users and over 5,000,000 patients successfully treated, the QuadroStarPROYELLOW has delivered unrivaled success for vascular and pigment treatment and much more throughout 70 countries.

Its unique yellow wavelength, six treatment modes, and high-tech accessories make the QuadroStarPROYELLOW an essential laser for any dermatology and aesthetic practice.

Developed with effectiveness, safety, and high-quality treatments in mind, the QuadroStarPROYELLOW guarantees excellent results and an advantage over competitive systems

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